Kuch… Something..

Kuch chahatein fat se puri hojati hai..
Magar kuch zarooratein ha’sil karne mai, saasain nikal jati hai..

Kuch to seekha hai maine usse bhi..
Ke zaroori nahi har cheez ko ha’sil karne se under ki bhook mit jati hai..

Agar khoja hai tumne aapne aapko andheeroon mai..
To phir bhala raatoon se muhabbat karne ki baat tumhe kyu nahi samaj aati hai?

Aawaz ee khudi se khush hun mai..
Kyuki ab *Mai* ki aawaz mai.. ek nami si paee jati hai!


Some desires get fulfilled immediately..
But to attain some needs, many lost their lives.

I have learnt something from him/her as well..
That.. it’s not necessary your soul/hunger will get satisfied after attaining all the material goals..

But if you have searched yourself in the darkness…
Then, why don’t you understand the philosophy of loving nights more..

I am happy and satisfied with *MY* inner voice..
Because now.. I can find humbleness in the word *ME*. ..

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