My philosophies/Values?

In a conversation, someone asked me – What are your philosophy/values in life Abdul?

To this I replied:

1) Respect – Whoever it is.. Respect them and speak politely.. you never know when you will have to face them again.

2) Have patience, and listen.. Because most of the time in hustling we miss out the bigger picture/mess our #judgements.

3) Having firm values help us to take decision more clearly, than clouded by emotions.

4) Our entire experiences are based on what we are taught, or we have learned till now – So change your learnings, and your experiences will change.

5) Nothing/Noone stay permanently, so seize the moment, and cherish it.

6) There is a difference between Ego, and healthyboundaries – So keep your ego in check, and your boundaries firm and clear.

7) The type of relationship we have with others, mostly depends on the type of relationship we have with ourselves – And the type of relationship we have with ourselves is defined by our childhood relationship with our parents and siblings.

So healthy relationship style in childhood, helps to create a beautiful relationship style in adulthood.

8) The best way to win someone’s heart is to Listen patiently, analyse carefully, and reply respectfully with your opinion – Agree/Disagree.

9) People love those, who are inspired themselves, and spread the fragrance of light to others – So be that inspiration by countinuous learnings and applying those teachings in your life.

10) Never get too attach with anyone in life – Sometimes it becomes the source of misery and unhappiness. So learn to live ‘Inter’dependently.

These are some of my personal values and philosophies of life!

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