Selling Fear in the time of Corona Virus..

Today morning, one of my hostel mate came to my room and was very concerned.

Upon asking – What happened?

He replied – I don’t feel safe anymore.. here..

Me: Why? What happened? We are taking all the necessary precautions, the main gate is locked.. no outsider can come in.. and all the precautions are taken..

He: I was getting calls from my employer daily, and he wanted me to come to office, even in this senstive times when the government told to take precautions.

Me: Can’t you work from home?

He: I can.. But he doesn’t allow.. and told me – Either you come to office or stay at home.. if this virus want to reach you.. it is going to reach you any how.. so better come to office.

Me: huh? If this is the case then I am sure, what’s the main reason of your #fear.. here..

Employers need to understand, life is more important than work.. if you are alive you can get more work done.. when things get well.. But to use this psychological torture can actually take lives.. without getting infected by the virus.. because if you say your home is also not safe? Then which place on earth you consider safe?

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