Things we can control/regulate in our life:

– Thoughts
– Prespectives
– Voice
– Opinion
– Emotions
– Character and Moral
– Movements of our body
– Choices
– Interest
– Passion
– Desires
– Role model
– Financial expenses and saving
– Relationship (partly)
– Reaction to family’s attitude, thoughts, beliefs and philosophy of life
– Friendship (partly)
– Reply/Reaction to our Enemies
– Job
– Style of leadership
– Ways of communication
– Interaction with people
– People whom we want to associate in terms of business/work
– People to follow and engage on #wordpress
– Reactions to uncertainity – Death, accident, natural calamities, earthquake, plague, business loss, etc
– Finally the legacy we create in everyday life!

What else do you think is in our control?

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