The War on Identity

Few days back I was having a conversation with a colleague, and sudden I saw him surprised by reading something on phone. Curiously I asked – What is it? He replied – Finally they got married! I congratulated without asking – Who? After a while he continued – They are the most beautiful ‘gay’ couple. After listening to the word ‘Gay’ I was shocked and gave an immediate response which was – ‘EEUU’ and it was then the conversation started. Which was as follows:

C(Colleague): Why such a reaction? Are you against same sex marriage?

Me: I was not expecting any such topic suddenly out of the blue. I assumed it was a male and female who got married.

C: Why? Can’t people of the same gender get married?

Me: I would prefer not to comment.

C: So should I assume you are against it?

Me: I am not against, nor do I support!

C: Any reason to it?

Me: Yes, the reason is – In the near future there will be a war on Identity. It will be hard to figure out who a REAL MAN is? And in this war THE REAL MAN will suffer a lot.

C: Why do you say that?

Me: Have you ever read ‘rape’ new in a newspaper?

C: Yes. Who didn’t?

Me: Now imagine after few years – Your kids will read headlines – A MAN was raped by a GAY or A WOMAN raped by a Lesbian. How does this sound?

C: Hmm.. Gays are also human.. and they won’t do any such things!

Me: Tell me something – Why does rape happens? A person likes another person and desire to be with him/her. And have intimate relationship. When any of the one person do not agree to the other person desire willingly – Then forcefully to fulfil that desire – RAPE take place. Do you agree?

C: Maybe.. But how can someone of the same gender be raped?

Me: If you are forced to show your private parts, and threaten to death – if you didn’t! What should I say it then?

C: Hmm.. But how is it related to what we are talking about. About Gay and Lesbian?

Me: After few years – The world will go into confusion – Who is a STRAIGHT MAN and who is A GAY? Because as all male and female share similar physical appearances. So there will be the era of confusion where there will be a war on Identity. And tell me something – If a gay fell in love with a straight person. And the straight person is not at all interested.. What do you think this gay person will do? Let him live peacefully or try to pursue him forcefully with desire i.e Lust?

C: Nothing like that is ever going to happen! They won’t become so wild.

Me: Please remember I am giving you a prediction of life after 30 – 50 years from now (2020)! And it will definitely happen.

C: How can you be so sure about it?

Me: Because this has happened before also! At the time of Prophet Lut (May blessing of God be upon him).

C: And who was he?

Me: Prophet of his time who told people to be fearful of God and do not engage in same gender sex activity as it was damaging the core of society and was a biggest sin of his time.

C: Did they listen to him? And what happened next?

Me: His town people did not listen to his warning and the entire town was turned upside down! Everyone was destroyed. Because of the evil they were committing and harassing straight man for fulfilling their lust.

C: Really? But don’t you think people have empathy within them in the modern era? And they are considered responsible because they adopt child. So if they have a child to look after – Why will they harass a normal person?

Me: Can a gay feel the pain of a mother? or a father when the ‘adopted’ child is hurt? And what is the guarantee that in their entire life – They will never get angry at the child and at that instant sigh – ‘I wish I had my own child. Who would listen to me!’ Don’t you think that will be greatest shock for the child? And guess what? When this child will go to school and see other parents – Male and Female. And whom will the child take along with himself when the teacher will ask to bring his parents for a meeting. Won’t he ever ask you how was I born?

C: I don’t know what to say.. You are so narrow minded..

Me: Or can I say – You are not willing to listen to the truth or face the truth which will happen in the future.

C: I don’t know what will happen in the future. I don’t want to assume.

Me: There is difference between assuming things, and seeing things happening in the same manner how it happened in the past. And what the result was!

C: So you don’t support LGBTQ?

Me: As I mentioned above – I neither support it, nor am I against it. People have the choice to choose what they want to live their life as.. And tell me how does one know – He/she is a Gay/Lesbian? How do you identify them? Being a straight. – How will I come to know who is a gay/lesbian. And what if someone (Gay) threaten me someday saying – I like you.. And I take it casually. But later on I come to know he is a gay.. Isn’t my self-respect and dignity under threat? When the next time he will tell me – I like you?

This was a real life experience which I am sharing with you! What do you think about this topic?

4 thoughts on “The War on Identity

  1. The world truly needs a broad thinking to get into discussions on such topics…✍

    The type explanation here in the form of conversation is pretty amazing and well balanced…I appreciate your efforts and mindset with all respect…❤

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  2. Well, literally a very information and appericiative conversation. I don’t know what’s happening around. What’s wrong with people. It was a really shocking news like literally gay-gay marriage.
    May Allah Guide us on straight path!

    Liked by 1 person

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