15th October 2018

The day we three u, me and aym can’t come together for some years now!! U have done whatevr u wished for, be it out of our zones.. u have made me proud whenever I expected least.. u have always taken my side and stood firm when I needed it.. they say brothers love u but don’t say they do, but I can say u always say that to me that you are Blessed that u have a sister like me.. no doubt how far I have scolded u and hit u and fought with you, but I don’t regret thoseπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ u always thought I was everyone’s favourite but u have been my favourite since the time u were born… we share same visions and thoughts but u only being brave to spell that out and encouraging me to come forward too…I regret the times i wasn’t there to cheer you up for ur success and be beside u when u couldn’t achieve what u plan for.. i regret the times i went against u unknowingly that u needed me the most.. as u always say i am the best sister u could have in this world, i regrett proving it not true to you!! I wish i am there when u show the world how u fulfilled all your desires and came up high…. I wish we 3 come together soon and have fun the way u have always wanted to have…😘😘😘May all ur wishes come true and u keep making us proud like u always doπŸ˜‡ ……

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