Dear Abdul,

I know I am writing to you long time after your kolhapur conference, but I couldn’t resist myself from reaching out to you after listening from everyone about your Navi Mumbai Conference – I feel happy for you.. I heard from many that the conference was great, awesome, well organzied and well executed.. And they look forward to visiting other IIMUN Conferences as well, and few of them were looking forward for UNHQ and Taj Conference!!

What I would like to tell you is – that you took this challenging role of IIMUN Navi Mumbai and made it happen. And I remember as you used to say “At the end of the day there should be no regret or guilt” and I believe you stayed true to your words..! One thing I want to tell you specially is that the person who guided you, your mentor, your senior – LEARN FROM HIM… He is a precious gem who will teach you things which will take years for you to figure out – Cherish his company. I know he is short – tempered and does not listen to you sometimes, even though when you have valid reasons.. But remember with time, things will catch the flow, the puzzles will solve. And the bond will strengthen.. And you will move on to next level – Step by step!

Dear Abdul, I know you find depth in all things, and feel things deeply – So follow the path of humanity, and make sure others get guidance too.. the platform you are working with – is a dream to many.. And you know that very well.. So cherish the time you spend in this place.. Don’t fall into the trap of team – team, but work together, because at the end of the day – You all are serving the same vision, mission and goals!

In the last, I would like to say – Learn lessons and reflect back on your life, because wisdom is the key to all success! The lesson which I observed throughout the conference is as follows:

1) Stay Conscious
2) Allocate things to it’s place – Appoint right person at the right place!
3) Be INTERdependent – If something does not work out, or someone does not come – Be prepared to take the stage and carry on with the flow! Noone will ever know what you missed until you tell them!
4) Encourage others, and appreciate the hard-worker for the contribution
5) Team plays an important role – So remember to be a good leader!
6) Respect everyone – And I mean that – With drop of water – oceans are formed and you will never know, whom you meet again and where! In what condition!
7) Engage with people, talk to them, care for them, cooperate, understand – But remember to be emotionally prepared, instead of reacting without thinking and listening!
8) BE GRATEFUL to the one who created you – to those who gave you this opportunity to move ahead in life.. and to the teachers or mentor who show you the path!!

I know you are thinking – Really this big letter for me…?

So my answer is YES – It does not matter whether the world acknowledge your efforts of not, but for you to acknowledge yourself is key to satisfaction and peace!

I will meet you soon, and till then – I wish you all the best for your next conference!

3rd December, 2019 – 11:00 A.M

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