The funniest thing about humans!

They live in east..!
And tries to follow the philosophies of the west..!

Forgetting that – They have entirely different backgrounds, cultures, rituals, and uniqueness!

And then they claim, we are still under-developed..!

I wish someday they understand – Let the cactus grow in desert, and the sunflower in a garden..! We all have our uniqueness, why to lose it for someone else?

6 thoughts on “Uniqueness!

      1. This place is far far away from this realization… Because the day we realize it will be the day when every problem we face here will completely end.. this place will be super perfect to live in. And perfection my friend is very hard to achieve..

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  1. I like this post. On a personal level you need to realize that you are good just the way you are. Those quirks and things that make you unique are things you should embrace not try to change to become more like someone else.

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