Hmmm….! 2022..Here I am…!

This all seems like a dream – starting my career at 21 from travelling just one city of India, to travelling across multiple cities and multiple countries across the world. I am not at all tired, but day by day my mind is becoming clear and focused, because beliefs, gratitude and principles are the brick foundation.

The energy within me is becoming clear and organized, and I am looking forward to get married. Why not share our beauty of life, with our life partner too? The idea of marriage always fascinates me. Two people coming together willingly and consciously, and deciding to spend their lives together – Commitment, dedication, loyalty, care, compassion, belongingness..! Someone whom we can sit with comfortably, and share our day to day life.. This is a beautiful bond, I believe..!

At this point of life – I am satisfied & content in my life, as I was in 2019 when I wrote this letter to YOU..!

Dear Abdul,

I am happy to write this letter to you, I know you love reading them.. I hope things are going great in your life as you wanted to.. I remember the time we spend together, till today we are strongly connected and we will be..! Your dreams were always big, and crazy.. And I remember the times you used to tell me – Will I ever do something great in life? What if I never find out my purpose of life? But then I also remember how you answered your own self questions by saying – We came to spread goodness and that’s our purpose. Wherever you are, and whenever possible spread goodness – and I am happy to know you are on that path.!
Abdul, I hope you know – We share a similar dream of travelling the world with a greater cause, money does not control us – but we know it should be utilized properly. How easy it was to look forward at the greater picture of life – Creating Impact in people’s lives, not for fame or popularity – but for motivating and encouraging people.

We have a voice to share, and the world needs to hear that. We don’t need to force or pressurise ourselves, but when it’s the time to speak we must speak at the best.

There are few things I would like you to keep in mind, and I assure you it will be of great help: They are as follows;

  • Create a list of Principles and Values in life – Stick to it.
  • Help only when – When you can.
  • Watch and observe your environment, stay away from people who discourage and spread negative vibes.
  • Improve your concentration, and listening skills by cutting off distractions, and by being passionate when listening.
  • Watch your words, and speak very carefully – You never know when you have to deal with that person again.
  • Read and watch things which add on your beneficial Knowledge, and implement those teachings in your life.
  • Learn to harness your relationship skills, by improving your communication skills.
  • WRITE IT DOWN – When you feel stuck or find clutter in your mind, write things down on paper with pen.
  • Feel safe and secure within yourself – Whatever place you go to, around the entire world.

These were few things I wanted to share with you from a long time, and I am glad that I did. Abdul, believe me, Allah is watching your each seconds and moves, and is guiding you towards a greater purpose, you will know it soon. Just remember – Stay humble and Simple in life, Indeed Allah does not love the proud and arrogant.

Abdul Gani Punjabi
14th September 2019

I remember I wrote this letter three years ago on 14th September 2019, and since then I am noticing you are excelling and improving in each and every corner of life, I am really happy that you read this letter today (15th October 2022), sitting together..! I now see – you understand the world in deeper sense, and you have seen different religions, culture, traditions, historical monuments, and met great personalities. Delivering engaging and motivational speeches in front of millions. This had made your life special; you are chosen and lucky..!

See how Mom and Dad are smiling at you when you are reading this letter to them, and see how happy Aymi and Miz are – Why wouldn’t they? Don’t they have a brother who is amazing, supportive, caring and always present in some or the other ways?!

I know you were expecting something from me, and here I am looking forward to meet you again in our favourite place called – MIND..!

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