He passed away…

Few days back I was little tired and exhausted.. And when I came back to my room.. I asked one of my roommate about the other mate who kept all his belongings wide spread, and we haven’t seen him for days..

So he said, I don’t know let’s call and ask.

And within that span of time I felt, something was not right.. and when we called him up, he didn’t received the call..

It created an additional stress in me, and later at night – We got a call from him..

His voice was low, and he said – His father passed away in Saudi Arabia, and he (roommate) was at his friends place in India applying for his visa.

At that very moment I felt everything got stuck for a second, and I was thinking – Yesterday everything was fine.. and today?

Life is unpredictable, the only thing that is predictable is – How you live your life when you are alive…! So live it in the right manner, at the end we all will turn into dust.. But our soul never dies – So do a favour to your soul.. And live a good life..!

(May Allah bless his father’s soul, and grant peace & patience to his family. His funeral prayer was prayed in Al Haram – Makkah, and was buried in the holy graveyard)

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