I want to live a simple life…

I want to live a simple life..!

Wake up everyday, and pray to God, for all the blessing he bestowed in my life..’

Then plan my schedule for the day of what should be done from time to time..

Keeping things simple, take a bath, standing below the shower, wondering about my life…

Wear a tuxedo, and Rado in my hand…

Fresh breakfast ready at the table, made by my mother’s lovely hands..
And the delicious sweet prepared, by my loving wife’s care..

And my children waiting for me to drop them at school in my Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, or Lamborghini – But who care..

They told – today let’s go in Aston Martin, which I purchased yesterday..
Kids are kids, who are free spirited, living every single moment..

So I kissed my mom on the forehead, and my wife on her dimple cheeks which become reddish after placing my lips on her face..

Gratitude… Gratitude.. Gratitude is the word that comes out from within..
If you see our past, we were almost a little thing..

With windows open of our Aston Martin, my children breath the fresh air, which was clean, far from the polluted land..

Before reaching their school, they demanded – Dad call aunt, and convey our morning greetings like everyday..

With a smile they turned and left me for a while, through which they inspire me – to look ahead for the day and life..

Upon reaching my office, they greeted me with a pleasant smile.. Because they know, it’s not easy to maintain wealth, when you are the world’s richest man..

With guidance of God, and following his rules, I found contentment in what I earned lawfully, with hard work and persistence at my side..

They kept saying – We envy you for your lifestyle.. How to do keep account of every penny you spend in your business, family and social life?

We see you feeding the poor, helping the needing, educating the one who is willingly to learn, but can’t afford the price..

We see you praying 5 times, reciting the Quran- and understanding it’s meaning, then applying those teachings into practical life..

We see you respecting the elders, young and the child… Giving them gifts, without any intentions to receive something from their sides..

We see you fulfilling your promises and commitments on time, what makes you so loyal? Why don’t you ever betray anyone and lie?

We see you speaking good words, and listening to the wise – Is that the key to a peaceful life?

With politeness and broad smile, I heard their reasons for envying my lifestyle..

I sat on my chair which was not so costly, but normal like the other chairs – the world use to call it Herman Miller Embody Chair.

That was the time I closed my eyes, thinking of time – as a flicker of light..

Where I was, and Where am I…?

A Son, brother, husband, and father of our little child’s..

Here I am.. Here I am – Living as a simple man, beneath the colourful sky…

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