What do you think? Did I messed up?

I am curious, a lot more than anyone else. About digging deeper into the life of people I find Interesting. I saw her few days back, not a word was uttered but I understood, there was something in her. Maybe lack of awareness of herself, or lack of trust within her own skin. But she tried to portray she was at her best. Damn.. Why do I meet such people who have dark stories? It remind me of my past – Once upon a time. Firstly, I felt awkward – Should I speak or not? Should I initiate a conversation or not? You know I am curious, but I think a bit before getting into a situation. Because in my past I made mistakes of being impatient and ruining up things. So.. Should I talk to her? Or Just focus on my work? Why exactly am I here? To work right? Then why a diversion now?

But you know, Curiosity can make things difficult sometimes, and that’s what she did – Sneaking into my Screen, curious to read what I was writing. And bhoom – Maybe that was what I was searching for. The first Move to go naturally. And that’s how it went – when she said – So you write? “Yeah, I do”. So she asked my blogging place and I told her casually – It’s Diary that Speaks.

And in that flow itself, I asked her – Do you write too? And her answer was – Yes. Sometimes. So you see how curiosity leads to a difficult flow? So what’s your Blogging place? I would love to read..! And later that evening before leaving the point of contact. Again I tried to spark that cord, and there it was – So what do you write? And she showed me, her few article of book review. Damn it – I don’t wanna read that.. Give me something real. About yourself…! But nah… she didn’t mention anything. But again curiosity create the cat – Ever heard that? For me it did – I noted down her full name = Identity = Easier to find. And found her blogging space. Trust me after reading it, I was lost – So lost. And felt stuck.. STUCK.. because I had been through that phase too.. Haven’t I? A dark mystery was revealed, and I was not shocked but yeah.. I tried to digest it, and I felt better then.

So when I met her today, It was like a normal day, but things within me was calmer now, I told her about reading her blog, she felt embarrassed, until I told her – I don’t judge you on what you wrote in the past, Why should I? when I am able to stand face to face.. Why not give a fresh perspective now? Meeting someone else, for the first time, after meeting them twice before.

I am too fast sometimes, Did I messed it up? Or is this just a new beginning like all the other beginning ?

6 thoughts on “What do you think? Did I messed up?

  1. It sounds to me like you do what comes naturally to you, call it ‘curiousity’ if you want, but I’ll call it giving and receiving in a world where you want to know more, and grow more. We do that best by drinking others’ in, gaining new perspectives, feeling lost, then found…expanded!

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  2. If someone were to come up to me and tell me that they’ve read my blog, I’d be super embarrassed as well. But, I’d also like the fact that they’ve taken the time to read what I’ve written.

    Now coming back to you – what happened in the past is done and dusted. You shouldn’t let it affect who you are today. Yes, your past should make you wiser, but don’t take it to the point wherein you overthink every decision of yours. Take it from a girl who overthinks and barely ends up making any decision.

    I honestly do not think that you jumped the gun. I think you did and said what you thought was appropriate at that moment. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

    Also, side note: I love what you told her ‘today’. Good read 🙂

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