To change your life, you need to read something different, go somewhere else, speak to a foreigner, analyse things differently, reflect on knowledge to make it wisdom – Instead of just reading Information. Love with pure heart and mind, “only if” you can give without expecting, make forgiveness easy but make sure to be careful when trusting them again..!

Make some new friends, go with them to a new place, have fun, enjoy..!

But NEVER EVER Compromise with your “Consciously created boundaries” because the moment you let it lose – You either humiliate yourself and lose your self respect, or you turn into a person which you NEVER EVER wanted to become..!

Make sure you know who you are? You are your “NAME” (Abdul Gani Punjabi) – An Identity in itself, and your identity is what you believe – Your thoughts, Intention, Words, Action, and message to the world ..! So you are Your Name..! Remember this..!