Why did I felt like giving up?

Like every normal student, I too had a vision to involve myself in social service. It was the Second Year of my college when the election of NSS (National Service Scheme) took place. Like every year, that year too, the chairpersons (Student Representative) was searching for a fit candidate who could take the responsibility willingly, and had required skills to lead.

Since my First Year, I wanted to work for social cause – So that I can increase my contact reach, as well as feel happy for serving the society/college. When it was the election time , I appeared for the interview. The issue of concern was, I was in the management course which works on the criteria of 75% compulsory attendance. Now, if I was busy attending events, doing social work – I feared missing my lecture, which was going to affect my attendance. And the worst part was, few of my seniors, whom I looked upto in NSS who belonged to the management field, they made the fear more frightful by repeating – If you don’t attend lecture, you won’t be allowed to give your exams. They made it a bigger ‘hype’ while the truth was different from what they were pressurizing me with. But still I gathered courage, and thought to apply for that post.

Now, when the interview was taking place, there was only 4 candidate who applied for the post. 2 of them from B.Com (boy and girl) and 2 from B.M.S (both boys). And the one standing next to me was my senior, who had prior experience. So, most of the support from others was going to him, but still I felt like – I wanna do it, at-least try with the best.

When the interview started, the interviewer (Our seniors/Chairperson) started asking questions related to our personal lives, in front of everyone. And then later about our vision for the year. I still remember it clearly. I asked for sometime to think, and respond carefully. I didn’t wanted to sound fake, just to impress them. One of the B.Com candidate (boy) started to ”CRY” when he was pressurized a bit more, that scene was enough to decide his ability to bear stress. While, at the other hand, I was preparing myself for answers.

At that time again, my seniors pressurized me with the attendance issue, but then I realized – If I will have attendance issues, what about the other counter-part standing next to me, he is in his final year – How will he cope up then? At that time I understood a bit, what was going on – P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S.

They wanted him to come in power, and do things as per his and his friends convince, while my focus was on developing my (upcoming) team strength and personality. On that day, in the interview – I took a back. And thought to quit and ask for a day to think about my plan. That day itself, I met another senior of mine, who encourage me to take a stand , and go ahead with the position.

The next step I did was, to go back and apply for the position..! But then..

To be continued…

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