A Peaceful Death

When the breeze took over, and the call was proclaimed..
There I was Lying in peace, waiting for my last breath to pass away..

What is the secret to peaceful death? They asked when I was on the bed.

To never associate partners with the sole creator, and never should you steal in any way in your whole walk of life..

To never commit the act of adultery or fornication, or to make commitments or promises that you know – will be a lie.

Never abuse anyone, or eat away the money of poor – who are helpless and without a voice..

Be satisfied with what you have, and to never take loans which you are not capable of paying back on time.

Live life in simplicity, and to never make greed – the fundamental of your life..

Stay away from ill-assumptions, and evil conducts which will corrupt the pure spirit of life..

If they gossips, or shows sign of jealousy then stay away from their company, because foul talks, and evil intention never gives a peaceful death or life..

Be so good in every affairs of your life, that when you die – Tears flows in happiness that atleast you existed in their walk of life..!

Fulfil the obligations and duties cheerfully that Allah (The Almighty GOD) has assigned, so when your last breath passes away and you meet the sole creator, You are satisfied with him, and him with you.. and finally you rest in peace, for eternity, and live in the presence of Allah – Happily and Satisfied..!

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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