There are two types of friends..

1) Who change your perspective through conversations and help you to grow – automatically.

2) Who have conversations which involves blame, complains, insecurity, emotional stress, unhealthy relationship, Inner Trauma, etc..!

The 1st type will make you feel positive, while the 2nd will make you feel negative.. But it is important to have both in life – to learn, grow, and understand human nature..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

17 thoughts on “There are two types of friends..

  1. I much prefer to have the 1st type which make you feel positive. I recently tried to rekindle a friendship with a old coworker that I would consider as the 2nd type, within one week I couldn’t do it, couldn’t stand it, so toxic.

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      1. So are you telling me I don’t have a high level of emotional balance within myself ? So am I supposed to tolerate mental abuse and just put up with it ? You’re wrong big time.


      2. No.. I just mean to say that.. Instead of taking their words personally, you can uplift your perception of the world and how people think.. which means becoming more stronger within..!


      3. No. Since 2014 I have read many articles and books on Personal growth, and human psychology, as well as had many conversations with psychologist which gave me a new perception of life.. I hope this answers it very well..!


      4. Well I am highly qualified in psychiatry and psychology. You are welcome to your perception which is very different than mine. Please be very careful with your somewhat judgemental statements.


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