She taught me lessons, without knowing.. She did..!

Finally, I thought to take a break and look within myself. There was nothing to go after, because the noise within me was calm and quite.

That’s when she entered into my life. And as time passed by, our friendship grew, and she started to open up about her life. The blessed part of her life, as well as the part in which she was struggling. And through that conversation, it became more clear that all the books I read, and the movies I watched, and the experiences I had, was preparing me for this interaction.

Our interactions became informal soon, and the belief I held in my mind turned out to be true, the belief that said – Age does not matter, what matter is the soul, and the level of understanding you share with others.

One thing that I understood through that conversation was – I was wrong about friendship, because I thought when you become friends, you tell each other that you are friends, and then it starts. But this time it was the opposite, because we started with a formal conversation, which later turned into an informal conversation with addition of audio notes, and then it switched to calls. And within the blink of eyes, we were already friends. Caring and asking for each other, respecting each other’s needs, and had fun.

One of the best thing I came across was, She had that childish nature still present in her, though she was a woman now. But that pure childlike nature was existing in her.

Through all those conversation, my reference point of relationship, as well as, many of my perspective changed.

The reason I shared this here is because, I firmly believe – when you ask God for goodness and experience, he will give you in ways you cannot imagine. The more you encounter coincidences, the more – your level of certainty increases.

– Abdul Gani Punjabi

5 thoughts on “She taught me lessons, without knowing.. She did..!

  1. Ur diary indeed speaks….
    n speaks well.. !!!

    Keep it up champ !

    Life is full of surprises.. n filled with experiences…

    This is just the begining… lot more to come ur way..


    Liked by 1 person

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