Niyat.. Intention..

Kya khoob kaha hai kisi ne..

Jab tum gai (cow) khareedte ho to kis niyat se khareedte ho?

Goobar(dung) ke liye Ya Doodh ke liye..?

Waise hi jab tum padaee karte ho, to kis niyat se karte ho..?

Fani dhuniya mai kamanee ke liye, ya phir haq baat ko dhuniya tak pouncha ke liye…?

How beautifully someone has said..

When you buy a cow, what is your intention..?

That you will get the Cow dung, or for the milk it will produce..?

Similarly, when you study, with what intention do you study..?

To earn livelihood in this temporary world, or to spread the truth to the world..?

— Anonymous

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