Something from Yesterday..

Yesterday was just another day with something new to happen, new thoughts and Ideas. There were few things in my life which once made me too stressful and lost. Some call it trust, and some call it believe.

I believe in God, But do I trust him?

This things are pillar to the fundamental of life. Because believe is not equal to trust.

For example: You believe that when it will rain, your umbrella will protect you. But when it rain, do you trust in your umbrella that it will protect you? That’s the difference between believe and trust.

A gift that God blessed me with is to notice similar patterns in human life, what happens after this/that. The patterns are universal, as the life cycle of human is – Born -> Child -> Adult -> Man -> Old -> Dead.

In my life most of the things I have learned through personal observation. And mostly by understanding what not to do, to know what actually should be done.

I have seen many people in my entire life of 20 years, that they pray, pray, and pray but still don’t get what they are asking for – and one fine day. Their prayers are accepted, which makes my believe stronger and trust firm.
When I reflect on my own life there are so many things I took as a curse, and blame God for giving me that, while I forgot – Once upon a time it was me who asked for what I got. This thing now makes me more aware, what I ask for I get, but there is a process to get it. It’s not like you woke up one fine day and you got it, but one fine day you will surely realize – AAAAhhhh this is what I was asking for, and I didn’t even acknowledge it.

For me life is turning out this way, the more I see around me, the more I see the universal pattern playing in it’s own loop, at different point of time in everyone’s life.

The only difference is some get it early, while some get it late. But who is the one to decide what’s early and late? We all have our different phase to move with, everything have it’s own timing.

A child cannot start walking just after he is born, it takes time to grow and gain that strength. Similarly time does not heal wounds, but the time which is spent in search of healing and growth with heal your wound.

For now I am at peace, slowing down in my pace, instead of hustling I am eliminating those thoughts that over powers me.

Something from yesterday !

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