Success an Illusion

After a deep self-talk I came to realize that actually the trap of success is all crap. There is nothing like success in this world. Because if something is considered as successful then it does not need to grow, change or innovate. – While worldly success is a place where you will be happy for a while, but then confused with what’s next. And anything that have a “Next” according to me cannot be considered as successful.

So I think the real success, is doing the best of what we have in terms of knowledge, skills, and resources with an INTENTION of doing good, and not asking anything back in reward. (But yes, if your profession include sharing knowledge then accordingly the fees should be charged because money matters when we are alive). Real sucess according to me can only be measure when you finally get back the reward of all the good you did, after your death – in terms of a blessed place to reside for your soul.

For me this worldly success is an Illusion, today someone is successful, while the other day that same person may get into bankruptcy. And the competition for this Illusion “success” is Damn high, even when people know this success you have today, someone else will have it tomorrow.

So I am making my life simple – No more goals, objectives, dreams or anything to achieve. JUST ONE ULTIMATE REWARD after Death. But for that I need to give my best in everything when I am alive 😊

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