My untold side of life..

There are very few people who have seen me in real life, and those who have seen me – After getting lil closer to me, everyone almost shared the same thing.

“We thought you are arrogant, rude and have a strong attitude, but we never thought you are so calm, soft, and free minded person”

And one of them even asked me – Why don’t you behave this freely with everyone? Why do you keep changing yourself with different person? And my reply was simple – Not everyone deserve this side of me !

My entire life I have observed it, every time I opened up to someone, they left me at one point of time – due to change in place, or shifting of school/college. And this made me think – what’s the use of opening up so much to anyone? But then again, I felt if someone is really free minded and open to share, I should give a chance back..

On seeing my profile few of my friends say, Abdul your life is sorted, everything crystal clear – You know what you are doing..!

I feel happy to hear that, because once I was a person full with confusion, misguided, and left free to figure out my own path.. and that is helping me today..!

The prayers In which I cried for no reason, just asking GOD to help me do something worthwhile in my life.. and my prayers are answered..!.

I have two sides, and it’s my choice which side to show you ❤.. I am the decision maker of my life 😊..

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