You know what.. there are 2 type of people..!

1 – Who send their manuscript to traditional publishers and wait patiently for them to select their work..

2 – Who go for self publication..!

I am done with the 2nd on Amazon, and waiting patiently for the 1st.. !

And do you know what the difference is?

I took an effort, and then I am waiting patiently while people don’t take a step ahead.. and they want to hit the top !

6 thoughts on “You know what.. there are 2 type of people..!

  1. I have self published two books. I used two different self publishing firms. I tried traditional publishing but they said I needed an agent. I tried getting an agent and was not able to at the point in time. This next time I have lots of agents to contact to get a traditional book publishing contract or not. I wish you success my friend.

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  2. I self published through Smashwords, easy and affordable, have only sold 3 books since last May. I have tried several publishing companies, they wanted heaps of money up front – no money given by me. It is disappointing when you have put endless time into writing a book and then come up with barriers.

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