I am in love with this verses..

Every time I read the Quran, there are universal lessons, that guides me to the divine/Supreme Power/ Source/Creator = Allah πŸ’œ

This is such a beautiful message, be respectful 😊

We need to be aware of what we say, eat, and listen..! Stay away from the prohibited..

Indeed Prophet Abraham was an amazing leader πŸ’œ

The Above verses are from The Noble Quran – Chapter Nahl (The Bee)

Islam(Peace) existed, will exist, and will always exist…! Peace will never be destroyed..

2 thoughts on “I am in love with this verses..

  1. Indeed. The Haq shall prevail and falsehood is bound to perish.
    And Prophet Abraham pbuh indeed was firm in his Tawheed an epitome of a leader to which Allah swt titled him (pbuh) to His khaleel.

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