My Ideal Wife

As a man expects to select the best wife for himself, there are few things he miss out when it comes to the character and moral of the women.

They prefer only physical beauty over the spiritual, mental and emotional beauty.

But for me I have made it clear what kind of women I will marry – Not only in terms of physical but other characteristics too..

My Ideal wife will be someone who:

1. Will respect my values, principles and decisions.
2. Will support me and encourage me to pursue my Vision.
3. Will value my Work.
4. Will share her thoughts, feelings and ideas to improve our lifestyle.
5. Will look after our kids, without showing ingratitude, and telling me she is doing me a favour looking after our kid.
6. Will love me for who I am, and will correct me if I am wrong.
7. Will be humble, and willingly serve my parents, whole-heartedly.
8. Will understand the situation and act accordingly – Instead of blaming me for lacking out in something or the other.
9. Will cook, wear and teach the best of what she knows/what she has, to feel loved and encouraged.
10. Will spend quality time with her family also, and when she speaks behind me – She respects my entire being.
11. Will lead me near to God, the right path, and will encourage me to do more good, and stay away from evil.
12. Will love me (Willingly) even after I leave this world, and respect me for what I have left for her, and our children, my family, and the entire world.
13. Will marry (If she wants to) someone else after I die only for a noble purpose, or to gain a support pillar in her old age (If she needs).

If you are a man, I know you are saying that’s what everyone is searching for subconsciously, but for me I am making this clear to myself – Before I marry my ideal wife.

She can belong to any place in the entire world, but after we get married, we will belong to each other in this world, as well as in the hereafter with GOD !

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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