They lied about the eyes..

To read someone’s life, don’t get into the trap of looking into their eyes..

There is much beyond that phrase that you will never understand until you try..

Have you ever seen a handsome man standing in front of the mirror, and telling you stop lying!

Because eyes are the window to the soul is a clear lie..

What do you see when you see into your loved one eyes? Do you see all their history of the past life?

That is where we are lead astray, to select our soul mate thinking they have a large beautiful – black eyes!

But what is it exactly you see when you LOOK into their eyes?

There is nothing special, like the spark igniting the wild life..

So stop looking into the eyes, and forcing yourself hard to read their story of life..!

Because I have read the quote, and I understood – It is not the eyes that is window to the soul but the insight and deep reflection of ourselves we hold in our minds !

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

10 thoughts on “They lied about the eyes..

  1. Disagree, the Eyes are the window to the Soul/inner being those who are able to read can see much, but chose not to do so as a small step into someone’s eyes often takes you to a place you do not want to go and that is the darkness within them their inner being, soulless.

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