Angel – her name !

I had no mood to sit
but when I saw her face, I forgot to quit
What kind of aura she holds, which made her act very bold

This was the first time, I saw someone who bought peace to my mind

I was not staring, but my eyes were fixed as she was moving
She moved to and fro, and the feelings within started to grow
What was so different in her, maybe the strong character she holds..

I wanted to stay little more, my eyes fixed on her – but with a good intention only if you know
As I stood up to leave, I saw her coming towards me – For the first time I became conscious about my own feeling..

She had that charisma which cannot be described, It was as pure as milk – like a moonlight
I said her straight, looking into her eyes – You have an amazing aura, wish to meet you soon again in life !


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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