I am not against independent women..

But I am against their complaint, and attitudes towards MAN.

There is no harm to become the best version of yourself but to dominate your man and complaint he is not good enough is the main problem..

I still don’t understand what is this equal everyone is talking about?

God has created Man and women Equal.. If so what is this criteria of Equal..?


– Abdul Gani Punjabi

What do you think? Are we equal? If yes, then How?

21 thoughts on “I am not against independent women..

    1. Take this example: Men purchase something for his wife to please him, and as a gesture of love and care.
      And now imagine this women calls herself independent and employed and can buy whatsoever she want ..
      Will she ever appreciate her husband gift – probably NO..
      But yes if she is Understanding (which very less women’s are nowadays) then it might help..
      Or in the case of the first women she will start showing her husband how cheap or low he is.. which will destroy both life..

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      1. Hello…..This is a very biased opinion….we cannot make an analysis from one person’s experience…There is no statistics to prove it. I think you have made your opinions from your own experiences…But this is not truth. Stay healthy ❤️

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      2. Haha..! I never had such experiences but I have seen women complaining a lot about their husbands because of the same thing.. he don’t keep me happy, he don’t do this.. that.. while the man says.. Whatever I does it’s never enough for her..
        And I don’t think STATISTICS gonna help.. This is not maths.!


      3. Exactly…YOU HAVE SEEN WOMEN COMPLAINING….. that’s also YOUR EXPERIENCE…..and one important thing is that ….who will decide which party is right and which party is wrong….because if women complain ,then like you said men DEFEND…..then who knows who is right…..you are stating everything from a man’s point of view….this is chavnistic attitude…and yes… statistics define every research work after which we make our analysis…this is true in every area…whether it is psychology or philosophy or commerce or any other subjects.Thank you . Stay healthy ❤️

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      4. Or maybe as you are a women you don’t wanna accept a man point of view..!
        We need to understand that, both might have different views for the same thing..! And yes we cannot judge.
        And also one more thing..! Not every man is same, nor is every women.. But incase of divorce and MARRIAGES.. This things are found common..!


      5. No ..I am a woman off course but I am still neutral because I believe that every situation is different and we
        cannot generalise things.Point no 2 all the marriages and divorces are different, these things are not found in divorces ,may be in some cases it might be true however every case is peculiar in itself… let’s not judge people… you’ve made a very big statement without much evidence to prove it. Anyways you should have mentioned that this is YOUR OPINION….that way it would be justified. Stay healthy ❤️

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      6. So do I act neutral..! Maybe it’s matter of experiences and the environment we are leaving in.! I have practical experiences.. and maybe you don’t 😊…
        So peace 😊


      7. Well,I don’t think you are acting neutral because had you been neutral,we wouldn’t have reached this far in our conversations. And it is good to have experiences however like I said it’s not good to make conclusion just based on one person’s experience. Point no 2 the last line itself proves that you are not neutral…Stay healthy ❤️

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  1. There are many good men, but women as a whole have the strange idea that men are bad and women are faultless. I see both with wrong behaviour. I do tire of women who think it is a good idea to verbally bash men all the time. I grew up with a very critical mother was always calling “men” yet she was a dispicable person. Exactly where is the equality? I agree talk and work out differences and problems without arguing.

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