The urges are over? or have you suppressed it?

To watch porn was the easiest thing to feel satisfied at an early age when your hormonal growth was on the peak, and the urges started to grow.

The obsession that takes place early is sometimes harder to resist. What was porn doing to the mind? A pleasure, or maybe a virtual feeling of being there at that place, with that person – forming an emotional attachment with the act, even without performing it for yourself.

As time passing by, and the urges grew – you wasted your time as well as your valuable liquid – which boost your intelligence and creativity into the sink. What???

Yes, that valuable liquid which can create life, if used at the right place for the right need. But the addiction took over so hard that you ended up masturbating all nights.

What has it done to us? The youth !

The sexual energy is a creative energy that boost our confidence as well as helps us to create balance in our body. And when it is disturbed by over explosion of imagines, videos, voices, etc. It creates and imbalance in the inner dynamics of life.

There comes a time, when all the sexual desires gets over, interests vanishes, confusion arises, and you feel impotent.

But remember you can start again.

Start again to allow yourself to:

Stop watching porn/movies that trigger your sexual energy, and you can’t control it.

Start introspecting ‘within’ what imagines, sounds are installed onyour mind, and try to erase them.

Understand that you were not the person who did the act, so try to become mindful that you will have an entire different experience.

Have a curious, exciting mind-set when it comes to sex. Don’t normalize yourself with – This is an everyday job ! Try something new. Maybe few kisses, or foreplay.

Save your valuable liquid, so that you can boost your imagination and retaining power.

Make yourself so clear that no one can ever doubt your sexual orientation.

Start working on your plans, and be dedicated, so you can avoid being free to watch porn stuff.

Watch your moves – What do you read, listen, talk, convey and who your friends are.

The urges are within, but suppressed – figure them out, work upon it, boost your inner system, and be curious to start again with a new mind-set !

This a huge world to be explored but you need inner-strength. So build it by saving that valuable masterpiece !

#Sexual energy

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

6 thoughts on “The urges are over? or have you suppressed it?

  1. Porn is controlled by demons and they urge you to be the lowest you can be. There is a need to become closer to God to cleanse them out and away. Good you recommend to find alternatives to occupy the thoughts. Prayer is a good alternative.

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  2. Being mindful and using constraint is a way. For me it was quite different. In my early 20’s I started to develop my sensitivity and naturally compassion arose. I slowly stopped being so excited to watch mechanic hardcore sex, where probably neither was having that much fun, with prostitution and human trafficking probably involved. I still enjoy erotica though.

    At times when I’m more obsessed, I try to watch my own needs and fulfill them in my own way.

    All this to say from my own experience, a guy with an average libido like me will run into troubles just trying not to think about. Keeping busy and physically active helps, agreed, but I believe the sex drive is there to tell you something, and it’s a message you shouldn’t ignore. Maybe even a message from God. Or most likely something is requiring attention in your relationship.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I do agree that sex drive can be a message, but why not use it in a better way by creating something amazing. Instead of watching porn or masturbating. And better to get married so (If you can).. So there will be someone to share emotions as well as sexual needs 😊.

      Thank you again for putting your views. Stay connected 😊


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