Personal insights on Entrepreneur life..!

– Always have a pen, and your business card.

References matters. So build network.

Define/know your business.

Trust, Trust, Trust.. build it for your customers and partners..

– A proof of authenticity – certificate..

– Believe in collaboration.

Communication channel, fast response, customer satisfaction.

– Be short, and explain only to your potential lead.

Don’t always stick to the traditional way.

Risk your account.. If you believe and trust in your vision.

Wear your Id card at work.

Display your achievements, testimonies.

Choose your symbol wisely.

– Create online presence.

#Personal insights..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

9 thoughts on “Personal insights on Entrepreneur life..!

    1. I am actually a student (Business student last year), but I make motivational videos, I blog about life, knowledge and wisdom..
      And I aspire to become the world best motivational speaker..
      And I wrote my novel in May 2018.. It’s on Amazon by the name – Her decision

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