It’s 1:30 am.. tell me a story..

She demanded…

Me: What kind of story.. would you like to listen?

She: Well anything nice helps..

Me: Romantic… sad… love… pain…horror..

She: More to do with contentment, peace, imagination

Me: hmm…hmm…

It was not her plan to visit the sea-shore at night. But she couldn’t fight with her strong urges and stepped towards the sea-shore. The moon light was guiding her through the fields
and the path was wide to walk freely…
from far away she could hear the voice of the water rattling against the stones, and the wind touching her face, making her hair run wild.
Something was different in the air, a smell of musk, which she could hardly see anyone around within her sight..

She: 👀

Me: and that’s when..

she heard a voice.. ! A man singing the song in the midnight… and that’s how she met him.. at the sea-shore.. in presence of the bright moon light, they sat there till the dawn.. his presence made her calm… and her presence bought peace in his heart which he was trying to search through his songs.. ❤

She: It’s indeed serene

Me: Now close your eyes, and sleep peacefully ❤

— ♡♡♡ —- ♡♡♡ — ♡♡♡ —

#Night stories..

All rights reserved 14/11/2018

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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