Why do budding entrepreneurs face stress?

I know you are stuck with a choice – to read this article or not? Because you have read so much about entrepreneur that you think, you are already in the position to take up the lead, and this article is nothing new to you. But this is something which you might have never read before. Don’t believe me? Skip this article and you regret later.

Everyone have dreams, but very few have vision. Vision to leave a legacy to provide something valuable to this world. But on the way to this unique journey you will need some sign post, which will guide you to results.

This are few of the reasons ‘why budding entrepreneurs face stress’.

Newness: Though you have told yourself you had done this before, but each time the opportunities are different, so is the responsibilities with it. Firstly, you need to make sure – to work effectively on your believe system and make it comfortable to new challenges and face them with fun and courage.

Lack of planning: This is something you usually think you are done with, but trust me – to have a plan is easy, but to make it specific to a point is little bit difficult. Plan in depth, and set alternatives with each moves. If something does not appears fit, you can switch to the next alternative without wasting much time on thinking.

Inflexibilities: This is related to the above point – If you get stubborn with your plan, even when someone is providing you with the best alternatives at the time of crisis – You will lose really very bad. So be flexible.  

Risk: This is your daily routine now, to step ahead even when you don’t see ahead. But remember to take one step at a time. Too many cooks spoils the food. So take risk, but calculated.

Lack of emotional support and help: You think no one will understand what phase you are passing through, and you need to get it done all by yourself. This will increases the amount of stress and will put you into worry zone, putting your productivity to zero. So take HELP – from those who are on the same path, and not from those, who don’t even know who an entrepreneur is? or what’s his role in the society/world.

According to me this are few of those things, which we miss on the way towards personal development – Entrepreneurship. I hope your 3.5 minutes of life was successfully invested in my article, where you found out a hidden treasure!

— Abdul Gani Punjabi



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