My Wedding day..

Finally, the day have arrived when I thought I will get married.

Here I am sitting in front of the kazi(Magistrate) and he says, so I quote ‘Abdul Gani Punjabi’ the son of ‘Nadeem Punjabi’ do you agree to accepted ‘HER’ as your wife, and be a dutiful husband till your last breath?

Million of thoughts ran through my mind. Am I ready to marry her? Will I become the best version of myself? Is she the one I was destined to meet? Will we understand each other? Is she how I expected her to be? Am I capable to be a good husband? Am I financially secured? Can I take my own decisions? Will I be free as I was? Responsibilities? Mutual understandings? Two families or Two lives – who will create a new family?..

“Do you accept her as your lawful wife?” The kazi asked again.

“Yes, I do,” I replied confidently.

Everyone raised their hands in prayers, and started praying for our good life, good wealth, good provision, excellency in marriage and finally to be together in paradise.

It is easy to love someone. It is easy to get married. It is easy to have kids. It is easy to say ‘I still love you’.

But what is hard is – To work.

To work to feel fulfilled and satisfied. To work at home – to increase love. To work in the kitchen with her, and helping her in cooking. To work with her, to get admission for the children. To work with her to clean the room, to work with her and get the grocery to cook the food to fill our tummies.

We are madly in love with ourselves, and our eyes speaks it out. The more we love ourselves, and took responsibilities for our roles the happier we felt.

It’s been 7 years since we got married, and till today we keep encouraging each other with positive words, and I smile at that very day – When I had million of thoughts running in mind. Here I am today, sitting in front of my wife.

“Why do you keep staring at me,” She asked me with an intimate smile.

“Trying to find out, why I love you?” I replied, blushing so hard that my cheeks started to hurt.

“You love me – Because?” She questioned.

“I don’t have a reason to love you, honey. It’s the overflow of the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment we feel in life”

We both got so immersed into each others eyes, that our kids had to say – “Dad, aren’t your cheeks hurting, after smiling so long?”


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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