You are here to work.. Male..

Job is temporary..

But work (Vision,Purpose) is on-going process till death…

Work makes us feel fulfilled and valued..

Sex and women do not even exist in the list of feeling fulfilled and valued...

Work: The process of becoming, manifesting, and mastering one-self to become the true-self… Yourself..

#Find work..

— Dr Myles Monroe

16 thoughts on “You are here to work.. Male..

  1. The job might be temporary, but you need to make a living on this earth, in this short journey called life.
    And if you can explain this sentence, it’s hard for me to understand it:
    “Sex and women do not even exist in the list of feeling fulfilled and valued…”

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    1. For sure… ! When man was created first he was told to work, then cultivate, and harvest and finally when he did that.. He was already feeling complete.. it was then.. when GOD created women..!!

      So before everything there was only WORK.. and later the other things

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      1. Okay, now I got it.
        But, let’s face it, Adam wouldn’t make anything without Eva. Only with her help and devotion he got to thrive and be succesful.
        And all this action was made in a few days, while God got to finish his all creation, in 7 days.

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      2. And let’s be serious, you can’t always just work and work without stopping, because that will at the end kill you. You need to have a pause, that’s why God created sunday and saturday.

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      3. Kath.. The work am taking about is not what you are thinking.. it as..

        This work is purpose.. and when you are passionate about your purpose .. You don’t need rest ๐Ÿ˜Š


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