Sometimes we really never understand how things happen, and you are like..!

How did I made it till here?

Big Day tomorrow..!

My life’s first event as an organiser from scratch to reality – Masterminds ♨

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

3 thoughts on “Sometimes..

  1. How did you make it? Strategies. Things that have worked before, which you’ve dusted off, tweaked, and are now putting to use in this new scenario. Or maybe, you’re just the type of person who wills yourself to make it no matter the obstacle. Tenacity abounds!!!

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    1. GOD is been graceful to me, and he always was.! Sometime he blessed me with is the “Go get it thing”.. if you want it really hard you get it.. That’s how it has been for me..! may GOD bless me and everyone with knowledge, wisdom, humble attitude and an amazing afterlife too ❤

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