The Urge

Yesterday while walking down the street I had an urge to sit down, at the corner of the road on a small piece of stone. Just to observe what exactly is going on around me. The urge within was soo loud that finally I looked around to search for something that can ignite my interest. There were bikes, cars, cycles, trucks, bullock-cart passing along the road.

For a while I sat there looking at those who were driving this vehicles – some of them portrayed happy faces, and few were stressed, and the rest didn’t seems to bother at all what’s going on next to them.

This arose an urge in me to reflect back on my life, aren’t there days when I am soo damn happy, for no reason (Do I need any, to be happy?), and days when I am lost, confused, and left without words. And then there are days, when I am soo much obsessed into the things I love that I don’t even know who passes by me, and the times flies like milli-seconds.

Every single day there is a new connectivity that is formed in life, something that ignites the soul to search for amazement, and curiosity.

The urge will break out one day, and you will know,

This heart yearn for your recognition, when will you let the words flow?

In simplicity he found out beauty,

Then why do you get jealous when he shares with you the gift he is blessed with that enlighten your soul?

All rights reserved 17 oct 2018

Pic credit – Google

— Abdul Gani Punjabi


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