I wish her with the best, but I can’t be the one who will stand out of the rest..

.. She has some visions, and will fulfil it till her level best..

Her Love … Aaah ! Pure and infectious like courage…

the more you get, the stronger it appears..

Love.. If someone asks me who do you love the most?.. Though I might be having girls as a friend but you are the beloved to me the most..

You have always been the loner, that’s what you thought.. but wasn’t it true that we share the same train of thoughts..

You are not alone, until I am alive.. because your love in my heart will never die..

I wish you with all the blessed things of this worldly life, along the hereafter which will be an eternal life..

Your dreams are clear, and your strength seems achievable..

I am here standing at your side, till the very moment I may die..

#Sister.. – Miz (Janam din Mubarak)

— Abdul Gani Punjabi