It’s a different pleasure…

.. when you go to another place to perform, and win the hearts of people..

Yesterday (29 sept) I went for the finals, as I cracked the elimination round.

Presentation are not easy to deliver, you need a story to tell what you want your audience to know… and my story made a place in their heart.. When It was time for announcing the winner.. the audience were asked about “Any Guess?”.. And I heard my name roaring in the air… Abdul.. Abdul.. Abdul..

He was the sponsor, as well as the judge for the event – Mr. Tiwari

And our another Judge – Mr. Sunil

So here we stand..! The boy to my left stood 3rd place.. and the girl to my right 2nd place..

Here are all the winners, the vibes 😍

And finally, when I returned back to my college. I informed my coordinator, she was happy and took me to the principal.. This happens very rarely..

To my left – Our Principal – Dr.Sangeeta pakde.

To my right – Our BMS coordinator – Dr. Jharna Kalra.

I am learning to lead, lead where everyone is a stranger… Show them what you have, and they will guide you like they never did…


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

27 thoughts on “It’s a different pleasure…

  1. Bravo Abdul. Doesn’t feel wonderful to know that you gave your audience not just a piece of your mind, but most importantly a piece of your heart? Here’s hoping you continue to receive all the accolades you so richly deserve. Highest and Best!

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