the highway..

On the way to the highway.. I met a person with a stylish way..

He was looking at the cars passing by, What was so interesting I observed him with a curious mind…

What is it all about? the luxury of the car or the fuel that is invisible to the eyes..

We see the finery which works on the outer side, but there are machine running continuously without a sigh..

They sit inside as the king of the highway, but there are others who are over-taking them without a signal of the sideways..

As the night approached, he stood there without a movement.. Which made me more curious about his life ways..

There stood the world’s most expensive car in-front of him, but he choose to get down on the highway and observe others who passed by him with high speed, thinking they were the king of road and the observer – a poor man waiting for a lift, who will drive him away..

Sometimes you have everything, but the feeling of observing something freely is the best gift according to my way..


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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