For those who wanna grow and are searching for light !..
Welcome to my breath-taking blog, where you will meet yourself in depth..
I was nominated by one of my frequent reader, Sadia Noor .. Thank you Sadia for this opportunity..
She is more into life stuff, Following depth and insights.. You will like her short-quotes through which she tells an entire story in one line… A blessed writer…
So, here comes my first quote.. I won’t copy paste someone else quote.. but I will create my own !!


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  • Nominate three bloggers for each posts.

Here is the Quote of Day#1

They will discourage you by their words, hitting exactly on your nerve !!..
Your reaction to their words – Will decide whether you choose to get defeated, or create your own unique identity using their words as motivation…
—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

Nominees of the day#1:

  1. The Rendezvous Club (You will find short poem, and insightful post on her blog)
  2. cogitoesoterica (You will find random thoughts on her blog.. Which will make you reflect more beautifully in life)
  3. Desai Aqsa (Someone to share your thoughts with)

Hey.. I nominated you guys.. I won’t force anyone to participate, have fun.. See you with amazing quotes !

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