… It was the first time I met her, and her hug was very tight – I had this feeling in my heart of contentment and peace very high..

… She called her aunt and introduced me like ! I was the first that caught her eyes..

.. She came towards me and said, Son you have grown up like – tree from a seed standing below the sun, thanking for the light..

… Her Hug was even tighter than the first who came on my side…

… I saw her closely, she was tall and me below her shoulders height..

…. She was so happy, I saw her expression with a softly heart and tearful eyes..

… She was getting unconscious, and pressed me hard towards her heart with all her might..

.. I shouted out loud, but no-one heard my cry..

… they passed by me, as if I was an invisible being in the mystery light..

… I fell along with her on the ground, and saw her eyes..

… she reacted as if it was her last breath, and the soul was making it’s way outside..

… I held myself little back and concentrated on her face which was vanishing along the light…

… I kept reciting, “There is no gods, But ONE GOD” Until my tongue lost all its might..

… I saw a kind of smoke like white light, getting out of her mouth, leaving her body lifeless on my side..

….. I still remember her tight hug, as if it was her in real life..


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—- Abdul Gani Punjabi