Have a passion… and it will follow you…

since childhood I had a dream to participate in badminton championship ….

And today I did it ! Not by participating but by Volunteering…

In age you can call him a Kid, but by game he is a Camp !

Love – Hit it harder 💜

#Love this life…

#Don’t judge by age!

29 thoughts on “Have a passion… and it will follow you…

  1. Like you, I have journeyed from severe depression. I admire you for your strength and courage in winning that journey. Is this something you are comfortable talking (typing) about? I started a Mental Health support group at our church, because there are Christians that verbally attack you and shame you if you are dealing with a mental illness. I want those dealing with mental illness to know that Jesus loves and accepts them just the way they are.

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    1. Yes.. I feel very happy when i share my journey of depression with others.. It helps us to connect better.. and for them to know they are not alone in their pain and suffering.. I try to talk freely to people as much as I can about the topic…. and my First advice to them is “Find the root” of the problem.. If they figure it out.. That’s amazing.. If they can’t. Then tell them be accept your self as it is ! So you can find out more about yourself…
      GOD loves us.. His love is infinite… So better Believe in him.. and never give up on hope ! 💜

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  2. It is important to do what we really love, feel passionate about, that which makes our souls sing with delight. Sometimes we are lucky and can do it; badminton, the swings, singing, yoga…sometimes the opportunity does not present itself. We must grab our opportunities when they come our way, take every chance to make our heart sparkle 💫

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