25 thoughts on “I met “YOU” ..

      1. I get attached to everything, like too much attached and I always have high expectations, it has always backfired on me. I guess I want to change that, but I don’t see a way to get out of it.

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      2. Aahan ! We share something similar.. “Empathy” – and the narcissist always sucks our energy.. Ask yourself.. – Am i forcing myself into the relationship..? mostly we get into relationship (any kind) and we underestimate our own needs.. Ask yourself frequent questions.. Do this person makes me feels better or worse

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      3. I like that character of mine but sometimes I just want it to go away. And mostly I feels like most of my wishes and needs and want was taken away from me because I decided to let it go for the other person’s sake be it my family or relatives. I don’t like disappointing people and I always gives up my dearms for there sake.

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      4. I did the same till few years back, But when I spent time alone with myself – I realize this expectations of others are “Unending” and will never end. So now I need to look after my need, and that’s when I decided to work towards independence of my mind. It feels great today when I am of myself today, the same family who forced me to be something else, Now loves me more than anyone else – Find your authentic self.

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