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  1. It sounds like a good book! I have one question, and I don’t want to offend you in any way — will you have someone proofread your synopsis before you print it? For I am a proofreader and have found a few mistakes (I hate that word). Looking forward to reading your book.

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    1. Heya.. Thanks for being concern.. I was/am searching for a proofreading.. But I didn’t find any.. So I corrected everything many times, myself. But i still think my book can get better if i get some proof reading 😊


    1. In the world of mist and confusion, we think our decisions does not affect the lives of others. But rarely do we acknowledge that our one decision can make or destroy many lives.
      Everything was going great in Iva’s life until she read the message on Edwin’s phone. A message that disturbed her peace of mind, and broke her heart into million of pieces. Her husband was no more a Man of Trust, but a Lair. 
      When trust is lost, and the truth is assumed. The devil enters into their lives and whisper the songs of misunderstandings, and create havoc in the mind.
      Chris – who had sacrificed his love for his best-friend, is living a life of regret. Sometimes all we need is courage, which he was searching for, but never had. 
      Anna was in love, but her heart said: Something is not right, and indeed the voice in her heart was true. After betrayal from the man she loved, She found courage when Chris entered into her life. But the main decision was pending, was he ready to take responsibility for the deed he committed, or was he going to leave her to die.
      A happily married life – Julia and Harold decided. But his love for his dreams kept him away from his family. Though he was successful but the satisfaction in his heart was nowhere to be found.
      Finally, returning back to his family was the only option. Because his only son – Edwin’s life was in danger. Harold have just one chance to fix it. 
      A dinner was arranged and everyone was waiting for that one decision that was going to change Edwin’s life.
      One Decision – Many Lives. Iva is responsible for five lives – Her One decision will break or make many dreams.


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