Night of Destiny…

The night have arrived, When the book of my life is displayed on the sky..

My sins are Crystal clear in the book that is hold up high..

For the gossips, I passed when you were not present..

For the heart breaks which I was responsible..

For the evil I committed when I was jealous..

For the disrespect I showed when you needed me the most..

For the betrayal I did, When you trusted my promises..

For the injustice I did for my own benefits..

I ask you all who counts in my life, I might have forgot what I have did to break your heart and life..

I am standing here, looking down on the ground I stand on very proud.. This proud one day will be mixed into the ground, I will turn into a skeleton and the ground will be proud..

Please forgive me GOD (ALLAH) for the sins I have committed..

But Even GOD says me, Ask for forgiveness from those who are alive, Make peace with yourself by asking their forgiveness in this worldly life..

This is the night when Death, destiny, and future is decided, I want to be with you – free from sins and with a purified heart..

Look up into the sky, and ask for forgiveness – Today is the night when the book of deeds Is held up high..


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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