Dear Bloggers – Help me.

Heya !

I am trying to step out of India once i am done with my “Bachelor of management studies” next year. I have won no. Of quality certificate and have good experience in managing things.

Now please tell me, If i need job in your country “How can i apply ? What are the things required ? How to approach a company ? How much is the living cost ? And how is your country in education quality? “

I hope my bloggers will help me out. Will You ?

7 thoughts on “Dear Bloggers – Help me.

  1. Gosh. That’s such a broad question. And the answers will vary depending where in any certain country You are thinking of moving to. I’m in the United States and there are probably hundreds of answers to that question depending on where. You know, a while ago I was thinking about leaving the country to live elsewhere. I’d get a location in my mind and google something like “Ex-pats moving to (wherever)”. Entire websites would come up COMPLETELY illustrating the exact, detailed answers of Your very question. What forms You’d need. How much money. Jobs available…..they are amazing and I’m sure they exist for almost every country. Google is Your friend. I wish I had more specific help to offer, but that is where I’d look, for sure!!! You are young, AMAZINGLY smart and ope-hearted. The world is Your oyster and Your adventure is very lovely to watch unfolding. Cheers!!! 🙂

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      1. I do believe You are accomplishing that with wonderful zest!!! And You are tossing joyful gifts to the world with every step. I believe life will open to You and You’ll find somewhere to go that has everything You’d like to experience! 🙂

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