I started blogging because i had few things in mind, to convey it to the world.

But i never thought “What my MISSION was?”

What’s Your MISSION “Abdul Gani Punjabi” through your blog “Be Different But Be Yourself” ?

Mission :- To be a Light in someone’s life, and leave a spark, through which others became light for someone else.

Through my blog I believe To :-

– To heal wounds through stories.

– To connect deeply with others, through poem.

– To share Words of Wisdom.

– To enhance the learning curve.

– To promote healthy thoughts and Atmosphere by adding pictures with my content.

– To Answer Questions, Which everyone is afraid to think about.

– To Create “YouTube” content related to different aspects of life, and constantly boost my spirit and of others.

– To spread awareness regarding Depression, Hopelessness, Suicidal thoughts, Confusion, and the Divine purpose of life.

– To promote other bloggers stories, through which one can experience life in someone’s else shoe.

– To find the Question, Instead of searching for Answers.

– To travel and capture the feeling and emotions of the place and pass it to different part of the world ..

“A small ray of light is enough to enlighten someone’s house”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi