Unity in diversity – Hindu Muslim Sikh Christians All are brothers.. Let’s Spread peace ❀

One of the India’s largest auditorium..

They attracted the audience and make them felt love.. Let’s carry onn… Dance done by kids are Speechless.. Let’s rock 😍😍😍 Vande Mataram ❀❀ Patriotism.. We stand together… For developing the nation together.. The moment you stand up without anyone asking you to do.. It’s about the love we spread.. Sing freely… Together we can forward the message.. The touching dance.. 😍😍 The Narration and motivation.. Working with spirit.. Mahatama Gandhi Son – Rajmohan Gandhi.. don’t differentiate just help… Message for peace… “When you have the opportunity to be a part of something big just hit it hard”

— Abdul Gani Punjabi..