It been a long time since i discovered i am an Empath, Someone who really wanna help broken people. Maybe because i have been through hardship, and no one was their to help me/Guide me.. I have this strange mindset build from the inner-core to help/Fix people even if they dont ask for it.

I do my best to help them, But end up draining all my positive energy and sucked up. Most of the people i tried to helped back-stabbed me and played with my Trust.

I am a person who can’t see someone suffering, I will try to do as much as possible to get that person out of the hardship.. And even when i am in the darkest period i will do something for them..

It been almost 8-9 years since i explored myself and tried knowing my inner-pattern..

I have been in this way, and had a mission to help people..


– When you try to help someone more – they take you for granted.

– It is hard to say “NO” when people ask for help, And at last we end up as a slave to them.

– It is not “OUR” responsibility to fix/help this world. Try to set limits.

– I am a sensitive person, If Someone says me never show your face again – I won’t.

– If i like/love someone, I end up as a friend – Due to my soo caring behaviour.

– It has became common now, When i try to help people, The people surrounding them “Devalue” me saying – Here comes the “Knowledge overflowing speakers. Run or he might turn your mind” (As a pun/sarcastic manner).

– It makes me sick when i hear/see/feel someone is sick..

– It’s harder to set limits, Because we believe all PEOPLE are different. But at the end we get nothing except used as a tissue paper.

– We make ourselves so available that we eventually loses our value in the lives of people.

– People take advantage of our sensitivity, and force us to do what we don’t want to..

– We can clearly see the injustice,Corruption,Evil, going on in the world, But end up doing little about it because we see “People has lost their mind, and are not even mature – They feel happy when someone’s life is destroyed..


– Remember we are not the “Fixer/All-knower/helper” all the time. Start saying no when people ask for help and we really don’t want to.

– Set limits on how much to help, and do not cross that limit.

– Set a small Circle of friends, Instead of getting connected to every random stranger.

– Keep a check on our body stiffness and tightness, review our day and learn from what was not to be done.


– Speak up for yourself.

– Feel the fear and Embrace it..

– You deserve dignity as everyone does, So don’t get too available for people’s that they take you for granted.

– Believe that GOD/Universe/Higher Power is with you, That will help you keep Going and passing on through tough mountains.


“Label us as a healer, Lightworker, Starseed, Empath, Highly sensitive people or any other label.. The Truth is we feel deeply, But now is the time to start saying “NO” to toxic people, and start build-up our lives so others can see and learn.. Let’s set an example ..”

– Abdul Gani Punjabi