Into The Jungle…

Hindi + English πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀❀

Hare bhare jungle mai, Chal pada mai apni ye cycle leke,

Ye sama kitna aajeeb hai, Aur ye pe’eed-o- pawdee..

2 paiyoon per hun mai, aur tika hun mai is sameen ke sahare..

Dhimi raftar se hai ye pair un paiyoon ko chala rahe..

Dikh gayi mujhe wo suraj ki kiran, Aasama mai tha badaloon ka sitam..

Ab kah bhi de ee hawa, kya dhund rahi hai tu ?

Kyu aakhir mere pass tu la rahi hai uski khushbu..

Chod chuka hun mai usse saaloon pehle, Aaj phir kyu yaadeein taza kar rahi hai tu..

Dekh us phool ko kitna murjha gaya hai wo, Sab sath hai magar rutha huwa hai wo..

Aeee Abdul itna zulum na kar, Aaj bhi dil tera kahta hai sun le zara oo sange-mar-mar..

Wadeein to nibhane se rahi wo sada, kyu phir bewaja tu aapne aap ko de raha hai saza..

Chalte rah sath mere aee Abdul, Hawa hun mai abhi tujhe bahout kuch sekhana hai badalne ki kala…

In this ever-green forest, I walked into along with my cycle.

This climate is so strange, and specially this trees-and-herbs..

I am on 2 wheels, and i am standing firm with the help of this ground..

With very slow speed this legs are moving the pedals..

I saw that sun-rise, and the sky were blue….

Come on now oo wind, and tell me what are you looking for ??

Why atlast you are bringing near to me, her smell…

I had left her many years ago, then why are you trying to touch my wounds..

Look at that flower how sad it is, EVERYONE is around it but also he seems in his own world

Oo Abdul don’t be so hard on your self, Still today your heart says.. Listen oo beautiful.

Leave it – You know she would never fulfill her promises, then why are you hurting yourself without reason..?

Keep walking along with me Oo Abdul, I am wind and i have lot to teach you – Specially the art of how to change along with the flow…

#Keep movin…

Author: Abdul Gani

In the world where everyone tries to fit into the label of "Normal" i try to fight against that "normal" to reach my own potential, And be my "Authentic Self". On my blog you will find, Water that soften the soil and helps it to grow fruitful plants... I am seed which gets into your soul and helps it find it's purpose and Destiny πŸ˜‡

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