Flowing through your blood, residing in your knees and at the end of your spine…

Wait a second first you Decide..

Do you wanna let me out with force into someone you love, or into the drains where the other unwanted substance lies..

This have been the human urge from the beginning of the time, either they force me out in love or out of sin with a lustful intention hiding behind.

There have been rumour about me, that i am a non-living substance which do not harm the body when force to come out without any noble intention inside..

Let me make this clear to you, i do harm them – who waste me day after day just to fulfil their evil desire of lust.. Which they cannot fill with a real women in the world outside..

I make them weak, reduces their eye sight, weaken their memories, and make them old before their actual time..

Anything in excess have a bad side, even wasting me 4 times a day – will destroy the pure feeling of love and will numb your body parts – which you will understand after a long time..

There are many who are not able to produce me in their lives. So they borrow it from others for their wife..

I am precious – So hold me very tight, one drop of me can produce/ruin the entire generation..

Now it’s you – Who have to decide..

Waste me in the bathrooms,toilets, or anywhere else or place right in your very own wife..

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi